We offer several packages to help guide you through the decisions in each step of the vehicle buying process. Whether you just need some personal coaching or strategic information and sources, we can help you make better informed choices. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars $$$ – $$,$$$ with our help  on your new or pre-owned car, truck, commercial vehicle or RV purchase and trade in.

OR   …   In addition to the above we also search for cars, trucks or RVs and provide you a list  with the most attractive offers and help you evaluate your final choices.

OR   …   We do everything listed in the steps above and personally assist  you  negotiating  with the dealer or private seller in your favor  through the process to delivery.

One of these packages should fit your specific personal needs and budget. Look over the main steps listed below for a typical vehicle purchase. Many of these steps will apply to any vehicle purchase and can differ slightly whether you buy from a dealer or private seller. Identify which ones apply to you. Then ask yourself how informed and prepared you feel to make your next car, truck or RV purchase???   …  …   …                                                                                   Also listed are a few HINTS:  to help you with recognized authorities as sources for your  own research.  These first three steps are very helpful before you even start looking online or step on a dealers lot.

1. Identifying the Best and Worst rated new and used cars or trucks. RVs are a lot more involved and expensive.   HINT: and Consumer Reports magazines & online info

2. Do you have a vehicle to trade in or sell? What’s it really worth?  What you can really expect.  HINT: Go to  and  and  Popular Mechanics Used Car  Checklist      (   )

3. Define your expected budget for monthly payments, plus maintenance, repairs and insurance?  HINT: Check your records from the past couple years of spending as a starting place

This process often can take some time and research. Some of the steps will not apply to you; others will have obvious answers depending on your knowledge of vehicles, the market and the buying process.  The better you are prepared with the knowledgeably to answer  these questions the more potential savings and long term satisfaction you will have with your deal and vehicle.

  1. Which vehicles and options are the best to fit your needs / wants? HINT: and Consumer Reports
  2. Should you buy new or used?   HINT: How many miles a year do you expect to drive?  What is your budget?  How much cash do you have in hand and/ or real equity in your old vehicle?
  3. How to know if you are “upside down” in the vehicle you are replacing?  What to do about it if you are? HINT: Auto Buyers Consulting
  4. Is it best to buy or consider leasing? What are the lease terms? HINT: Can you write off any of the expenses on your income taxes?  If you are in business,  ask your income tax preparer or accountant.  (Additional hidden potential savings or costs?)    or   Consumer Reports
  5. What financing options / terms are available with your credit score? Do you know your current score as of this week?  Hint: Use credit unions instead of dealer financing or banks for best rates & terms after you get your current score  print out for free online or from a potential lender.
  6. How do the current , this month, qualifying incentives, rebates and discounts affect your new car pricing? What does that even mean?   HINT:      Auto Buyers Consulting
  7. Getting relevant  quotes and accurate evaluation, comparison, inspection, and final selection. Hint: Auto Buyers Consulting.    Always have an unbiased, knowledgeable technician of YOUR choice inspect your final selection for a pre-owned model and give you a printout of any work needed with cost.                                                                      How to find & choose him.     Popular Mechanics Used Car  Checklist                             Always ask the seller to show you a folder of receipts for maintenance performed since the vehicle was new. Analyse the mileage and dates and compare to the owners manual recommendations.  Always get a printout and study the vehicle history from the VIN number from CarFax or Auto Check.
  8. Are you effective negotiating with a dealer or a private seller?  Can you use some assistance against the profitable and trained pros? HINT: Auto Buyers Consulting
  9. What are your insurance legal requirements compared to actual needs and costs? HINT:   Get an update from your current insurance provider as well as a couple additional quotes from  your informed choice on this list and compare them.
  10. What is the standard warranty?  Do you need extended coverage?  Best values?
  11. Do you need any other options that are not included to be installed by a dealer or another vendor? HINT:  competitive best values from… Auto Buyers Consulting
  12. What are all the different documents that you are expected to sign at a dealer closing/ delivery?  What is your actual total cost out the door including taxes, title, license and legitimate fees?  HINT:  Auto Buyers Consulting
  13. OR …  Correctly and safely handling your own transaction of money, vehicle and completed documents with your private seller, your lender, and the correct transfer of title and registration with all documents completed correctly the first time!                 HINT:  Auto Buyers Consulting

How am I different from a dealer? I should help you save a minimum of twice my fee if you follow my advice.  Most customers save considerably more, often hundreds or thousands of dollars and often get a much better vehicle.  I don’t accept any money from dealers or salesmen for referrals. I exist to save you money, not maximize my profits or fee.  If you are a professional career salesman or purchasing agent  your savings might be smaller. If you are a car buyer who often feels like you got less than a great deal, a first time buyer, student or recent graduate, retired, fixed income senior, or wonder what I am talking about then I can help you save a bundle.

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